Fruitful bilateral meetings at the African Peace Colloquium: Algerian Foreign Minister strengthens ties with Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Tunisia

Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Ahmed Attaf, engaged in bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Tunisia during his participation in the high-level colloquium on peace and security in Africa.

According to the ministry’s statement, these discussions provided «an opportunity to examine the cooperative and fraternal relations between Algeria and these sister countries, as well as to take stock of the progress made within the framework of the Oran process, aimed at harmonizing the African continent’s position and strengthening its influence within the UN Security Council».

In this context, the Foreign Ministers of Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and Tunisia expressed their appreciation for Algeria’s ongoing commitment to its African roots, particularly through the Oran process.

They commended the efforts made in this context to promote and defend Africa’s interests and aspirations on the international stage.

These diplomatic dialogues underscored the significance of cooperation and solidarity between Algeria and its sister nations, emphasizing the shared commitment to advancing Africa’s influence globally.

The discussions further highlighted the importance of ongoing collaborative efforts to strengthen the continent’s position within the United Nations Security Council.




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