Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traore talks to the High Council of the Judiciary

On Thursday morning, Captain Ibrahim Traore, President of the Transition and Head of State, chaired the 2023 statutory meeting of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary (CSM). The purpose of this constitutionally-mandated annual meeting is to discuss issues relating to strengthening the independence of the judiciary.

The President of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, Mazobé Jean Konde, stressed the importance of this meeting, pointing out that the Head of State, as guarantor of the independence of the judiciary, meets with the Supreme Council of the Judiciary every year.

This year’s meeting was postponed due to scheduling constraints, but it is nonetheless crucial.

During the first part of the meeting, the members of the CSM assessed the output of all the country’s courts over the past year.

This assessment highlighted the grounds for satisfaction, the shortcomings and the challenges to be met in the judicial system.

The issue of financial and economic crime and the recovery of illicit assets were also discussed. President Konde stressed the importance of giving thought to this issue, noting that financial and economic crime can encourage other forms of criminality, notably terrorism.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to discuss the operation of the country’s courts and reforms in the justice sector.

Captain Ibrahim Traore showed himself to be attentive to the concerns of those involved in the justice system and provided answers to the questions raised by the members of the CSM, underlining his commitment to strengthening the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary.


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