Burkina Faso: Djibo fighters return triumphantly to Ouagadougou

The army detachment that defended the town of Djibo against the terrorist attacks of 21 November is returning to Ouagadougou after valiantly carrying out their mission. As worthy sons of Burkina, these fighters routed the terrorists, who had come in their thousands to take the entire town of Djibo hostage and massacre the occupants.

Thanks to the Burkinabe army’s vigilance and cutting-edge intelligence, the massacre planned by the imperialists and their vassals to plunge the entire Burkinabe people into mourning was narrowly thwarted.

On their return to Ouagadougou, the population gave them a welcome worthy of the great mission they had accomplished in Djibo.

With slogans, songs and cheers, the population came out in force to show these fighting forces the pride that the Burkinabe feel in them, and above all, the esteem they have for their noble mission of defending Burkinabe territory.

A gesture that is proof enough that the Burkinabe are behind their army in its efforts to reconquer the national territory, despite the daily internal and external manipulations of certain henchmen of Western powers.

Today, the message is clear: the people of Burkina Faso are claiming their sovereignty with determination and resilience.

The march towards this sovereignty has already begun, and woe betide anyone who crosses its path.


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