Burkina-Faso: The people of Burkina Faso unite behind the transition to defeat terrorism

The end of terrorism in the land of the upright people requires the commitment and mobilization of resources and all citizens. Commitment involves support not only for the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP) but also for various reforms and initiatives of the transition. As for mobilization, it is the contribution, whether in kind or in cash, from all Burkinabe to the peace effort, enabling the transition to acquire sophisticated war materials for the valiant combat forces and their support.

Aware of the challenges, the Burkinabe people respond positively to the voluntary contribution call issued by the transitional government.

In this context, the umbrella organization of real estate developers has raised a sum of 30 million XOF as a contribution to the peace effort.

In addition to real estate developers, the Association for the Development of the Zeguedeguin Commune has contributed 1 million XOF, and the Professional Mechanics Association has also donated 1 million XOF.

The National Alliance for the Fight Against Hunger and Malnutrition and the students of the Polytechnic School of Ouagadougou are also part of the initiative. They have contributed 200,000 and 369,000 XOF, respectively.

On the other hand, in the locality of Nahouri, a Burkinabe family has donated rolling materials (3 motorcycles), food items (one ton of beans, one ton of rice, 20 cans of 20-liter oil, three boxes of Nescafe), and non-food items (200 liters of fuel) to the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland as a contribution to the peace effort.





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