DRC: The achievements of Félix Tshisekedi’s five-year term screened in a documentary film

After «FATHY FAR», the platform developed to highlight the actions of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, it’s time for the screening of the documentary film «Congo ya sika».

In its first part, «La renaissance du géant» (The rebirth of the giant), the documentary film «Congo ya Sika» showcases all the achievements of the president’s five-year term.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the Head of State, Bibiche Kabengele, this project, «la renaissance du géant», arose from the strong need of the Congolese diaspora to know the president’s achievements and everything that has been done.

«The next step is the consumption of this documentary among all Congolese. We will go through a series of screenings in different areas and public places in the DRC to revive what the president’s five-year term was», said Faustin Masola, the documentary’s director.

«A public relations team will go to Brussels to prepare and organize our next step, targeting the Schengen area», he emphasized.

The objective of this documentary film is to present the new face of the DRC to the Congolese, not only from within the country but also abroad, to show them the elements of the country’s transformation across various sectors.

The Public Relations Officer of the President explained that the goal of this campaign is to demonstrate that there is real transformation in the DRC and to highlight that the President’s first term marked the beginning at the grassroots level in various development sectors.

Ms. Bibiche Kabengele further explained that after this first phase dedicated to La «renaissance du géant», two other phases will follow, titled «Le développement du géant» (The development of the giant) and «La crédibilité du géant» (The credibility of the giant).

«In these new phases, we will still have ‘Congo ya sika’ documentary films that will explain sector by sector and demonstrate the development that has been achieved in that sector», she said.

The first part of the documentary film devoted to “La renaissance du géant reviewed some advancements, including the education sector, which saw an increase in the number of learners due to free primary education.

It also mentioned the reform of the country’s security apparatus, leading to the strengthening of the Armed Forces of the DRC.

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