Prominent LGBTQ rights activist stabbed in Uganda: Urgent calls for Investigation and Global Support

In Uganda, Steven Kabuye, an important LGBTQ rights activist, fell victim to a vicious attack by unidentified assailants while commuting to work on Wednesday. The assault left him severely injured, prompting concerns for his well-being.

Coloured Voice – Truth to LGBTQ, an organization associated with Kabuye, issued a statement urging prayers for his recovery.

 A distressing video shared on Kabuye’s social media account depicted him in agony, with a knife embedded in his stomach and an apparent wound on his arm.

Frank Mugisha, another rights activist, condemned the attack, emphasizing that «hate crimes have no place in Uganda».

He called on the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

As of now, the police have not released any official statements regarding the assault.

Uganda drew global criticism last year for implementing one of the world’s strictest anti-homosexuality laws.

The controversial law led to actions such as the World Bank suspending new loans to Uganda and the US imposing visa restrictions on key officials.

Under this legislation, individuals found guilty of engaging in homosexual acts face potential life imprisonment.

Human rights groups have challenged the constitutionality of the law, contending that it infringes upon the right to equality and dignity.

The government defends the legislation, asserting that it safeguards traditional family values.

A recent report by rights organizations documented over 300 human rights abuses against LGBTQ individuals in Uganda during the first eight months of the previous year. These abuses included beatings, torture, arrests, and evictions from homes.

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