Mali launches development of national digital Economy Policy

The Minister of Communication, Digital Economy, and Modernization of Administration, Alhamdou Ag Ilyène, has inaugurated the study for the development of the National Digital Economy Policy document in Mali. The workshop, attended by the Director of National Digital Economy, Abdel Kader Ky, and other dignitaries, aims to create a framework suitable for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the current context.

This initiative considers health, political, and security crises to promote an inclusive digital ecosystem aligned with international standards.

The new vision will emphasize innovation, connectivity, cybersecurity, the promotion of smart cities, data management, digitization of public services, job creation, and sustainable economic prosperity.

The minister highlights the importance for the state to have a well-defined vision and strategy for the digital sector to achieve realistic and attainable goals.

The Director of National Digital Economy identified gaps in the previous policy document, emphasizing the lack of a coherent framework for implementing ICT initiatives.

The minister underscores the need to weigh the pros and cons of digitalization, involve all stakeholders, and focus on human resource training.

This launch marks a strategic turning point in the digital sector, aiming to initiate inclusive systemic reforms to harmonize visions and objectives in the context of the state’s digital transformation.

The minister also assessed the previous National Digital Economy Development Policy adopted in 2015, noting deficiencies in its implementation, with an execution rate of 27.30% and a resource mobilization rate of 24.24%.

The new policy will align with the Government’s Action Program and the Strategic Framework for Economic Recovery and Sustainable Development.

Titi Keita

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