Burkina Faso: Acquisition of new military equipment to combat terrorism

The fight against terrorism is set to enter another phase in the course of the year 2024. The President of the transition, Ibrahim Traoré, handed over military equipment to the Ministry of Defense and Veterans Affairs on Friday, January 12, 2024.

The equipment includes vehicles, combat weapons, and ammunition. While handing over the keys to the rolling equipment to the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the Head of State urged him to initiate the long-awaited development of the war.

«If something is lacking, come back to me, and I will know how to return to the people. We expect results. Good luck and make good use of it», emphasized Captain Ibrahim Traoré.

This gesture by President Ibrahim Traoré not only recognizes the crucial role that the entire Burkinabé people play in this war but also expresses the affinity that has developed between the authorities and the people.

The acquisition of this equipment is evidence of the rigorous and transparent management that characterizes Ibrahim Traoré’s governance at the helm of the state.

The purchase of this equipment can only happen if the contribution to the war effort receives popular support, and we dare to believe that this will be the case in the year 2024.

It is worth noting that this batch of equipment is the first of a series of five planned within the framework of the strategic equipment plan announced by the Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traoré, in his message to the nation on December 31, 2023.




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