Togo/Private sector: The Chamber of commerce still waiting for elected leaders

After the departure of the former president, Germain MEBA, in 2020, Mrs. Nathalie Manzinèwè BITHO has been serving as the interim president of this private sector institution. Several reforms have been implemented to make the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT) more effective in advocating for the private sector.

The process of electing members of the Consular Assembly of the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI-TOGO) has begun and is ongoing for the renewal of the institution’s leadership.

The registration of voters, Togolese economic operators on the consular electoral lists, which was supposed to end on Sunday, January 14, has been extended.

According to a statement from the president of the consular electoral commission, registrations will continue until January 31.

The idea is to allow a larger number of economic operators to participate in the electoral process.

Thus, economic operators established in Togo and working in the sectors of commerce, industry, and services are invited to register massively on the electoral lists.

As a reminder, the CCIT is the main interface between the private sector and the government.

Its board, consisting of 7 members, is elected for a term of 4 years, renewable.

This upcoming election will therefore elect more effective consular representatives for an inclusive Chamber capable of better defending the interests of the private sector.

This initiative is part of the government’s restructuring program for the chamber, aiming for better management of the private sector, which contributes to approximately 50% of the resources needed for the implementation of the government’s 2025 roadmap.



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