Burkina Faso: The programme to support education in West Africa (PRAQUE-AO)

A presentation and assessment session of the Regional support Program for the Improvement of the Quality of Education in West Africa (PRAQUE-AO) took place during a press briefing on December 22, 2023, in Ouagadougou. The objective of this meeting was to increase awareness of the program, evaluate its progress after one year of closure, and identify ways to address future challenges.

According to Kirassai Zio, Director-General of Non-Formal Education, PRAQUE-AO aims to enhance the quality of basic education by strengthening the capacities of ministry officials and civil society organizations.

It also seeks to support advocacy for the integration of complementary educational practices and methods.

The program is active in five countries, namely Burkina Faso, Mali, Benin, Niger, and Chad.

Kirassai Zio explained the three components of the program: The Master component led by the Higher Normal School of the University of Niamey, the continuous training provided by the Institute of Literacy and Non-Formal Education Training in Niamey, and the Advocacy and Communication component managed by the Pamoja Education network.

Regarding the Master’s program, Zio emphasized that it targets education ministry officials, civil society organization leaders involved in education, technical and financial partners, as well as anyone holding a bachelor’s degree in an educational field. He also assured that the Master’s program is free, funded by Swiss cooperation.

Launched in September 2020, PRAQUE-AO is expected to conclude in 2024. Kirassai Zio indicated that the overall assessment is satisfactory.

However, he highlighted several persistent challenges, particularly due to the concerning security situation affecting most participating countries in the project, notably Burkina Faso.



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