Burkina Faso: Burkinabe People’s Peace efforts, a formidable weapon against Terrorism

In the fight against terrorism in Burkina Faso, the strategic plan for equipping the Defense and Security Forces (FDS), the reorganization of the army, and the peace efforts of the Burkinabe people are three crucial elements.

The third element, which involves the other two, remains achievable thanks to the multiple financial contributions from citizens.

By doing so, they affirm their commitment alongside the combat forces striving for the liberation of the country.

This support for the transition initiatives, skillfully led by President Ibrahim Traoré, is a way for the people to become Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP).

Not VDPs engaged in territorial reconquest operations, but rather those contributing to better care for others on the battlefronts.

According to the latest updates from the front, the firepower of the combat forces has once again prevailed against the forces of evil.

In the region of the three borders and the Mouhoun loop, several terrorists have perished in the flames of missiles dropped by aerial vectors.

The much-anticipated development of the war has begun.

No more safe havens for the forces of evil, whether on Burkinabe, Malian, or Nigerien territories. It’s the end for criminals against France.

Either they lay down their arms, or they will perish. The newly acquired equipment by the army will have the upper hand.

For the motherland, the engaged forces remain determined, and the Burkinabe people are highly committed to contributing to the Patriotic Support Fund.


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