Burkina Faso: Burkina Faso’s fighting forces, guardians of national security under the leadership of President Ibrahim Traoré

In an unprecedented display of bravery, President Ibrahim Traoré and his special forces commandos from Burkina Faso annihilated an imminent terrorist threat in the Silmangué region on Tuesday. The coordinated actions led to the destruction of a significant gathering of criminals, demonstrating the unwavering commitment of the combat forces.

On January 16, 2024, the Burkinabe army’s radars detected a significant movement of criminals north of Pensa.

Numbering in the hundreds, these terrorists were rapidly advancing towards Silmangué in Namentenga.

Without wasting any time, the combat forces devised an effective strategy to neutralize this imminent threat.

Just a few hundred meters from their destination, the special forces engaged the enemy with precision.

A substantial group was targeted and decisively struck, causing an explosion of flames that swept through the area.

The force of the attack forced the criminals to flee, whether on foot or by motorcycle, leaving behind a field of destruction.

The next morning, on January 17, 2024, the special forces commando made contact with potential survivors to recover equipment.

However, the battlefield was marked by the total destruction of terrorists, motorcycles, weapons, and ammunition, all reduced to ashes.

Despite the absence of recoverable loot, operations continued with determination to eliminate those who persist in refusing to lay down their arms.

This heroic operation underscores the indomitable courage of Captain Ibrahim Traoré and his men, highlighting their commitment to national security and their unwavering resolve to eradicate the terrorist threat.

Their exemplary action demonstrates the determination of the Burkinabe Combat Forces to protect peace and stability in the region.


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