Niger: The fight against terrorism, Niamey and Moscow’s objectives for stabilising the situation

«In the near future, we will discuss with our partners, who have already been informed of the new objectives we have identified in the fight against terrorism, the specific conditions of their participation, or more precisely, their presence on our territory».

These are the clarifications provided by the Nigerien Minister of Defense, General Salifou Mody, following talks with his Russian counterpart in Moscow.

Thus, Niamey and Moscow have agreed to expedite military efforts to stabilize the security situation in Niger and enhance the combat capabilities of the Nigerien armed forces.

Therefore, the new objectives announced by the Nigerien Minister of Defense may pertain to support in logistics (sophisticated war materials) and human resources (presence of Russian military personnel alongside Nigeriens on the fronts), as well as the transfer of military skills, i.e., strengthening the capacities of Niger’s defense and security forces.

This heralds a new development in the fight against terrorism in Niger. The anti-terrorism efforts took a decisive turn following the departure of French troops from Niamey.

The Nigerien authorities have achieved satisfactory results in combating terrorist groups.


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