Arrests Made in Gruesome Murder of Kenyan Student, Rita Waeni

Kenyan Student, Rita Waeni

In a shocking incident that has drawn national attention, two additional suspects, reportedly Nigerian nationals, have been arrested in connection with the brutal murder and dismemberment of 20-year-old Kenyan student Rita Waeni. The gruesome discovery of her remains in rubbish bags at a Nairobi apartment has sparked outrage and calls for action to address violence against women in the country.

The new suspects, William Ovie Opia and Johnbull Asbor, appeared in court and are currently held in custody as investigations continue.

 Police sought an extension until January 31 for further questioning, which was granted by the magistrate overseeing the case.

This development adds to the four Kenyan suspects already in custody, along with another individual found with a Mozambican passport attempting to leave the country.

Details emerging from the investigation indicate that the arrested men were found with items believed to be used in the murder, including a butcher’s knife and a small axe.

Opia claimed to have purchased the axe online for self-defense, according to police statements.

The arrests took place in Ndenderu, a town near Nairobi, where authorities recovered a head, suspected to be Waeni’s, along with her phone and some missing items near a local dam.

The family of the deceased has faced further distress, unable to identify the recovered head.

Reports reveal that the perpetrators demanded a ransom of 500,000 Kenyan shillings ($3,100; £2,400) even after Waeni’s death.

The shocking nature of the crime has triggered widespread condemnation, with human rights and feminist groups planning nationwide demonstrations to protest the surge in femicide and violence against women in Kenya.

The country has witnessed a series of violent incidents against women since the start of the year, highlighting the urgent need for concerted efforts to address gender-based violence.


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