Africa: Combating misinformation, the Alliance of Sahel States unites for regional security

The spread of misinformation by foreign media has generated confusion and uncertainty among the population, leading to a misunderstanding of the true security issues and inappropriate reactions.

These media outlets deliberately disseminate biased information to influence public opinion, thereby creating tensions and divisions within the population with the aim of undermining social cohesion and contributing to instability.

In the face of these threats, the mobilization of member countries of the Sahel States Alliance (AES) is crucial to protect their image and security.

Member states have decided to adopt concrete measures to counter disinformation.

A seminar aimed at strengthening the resilience of AES member countries against disinformation is scheduled from February 16 to 20, 2024.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the latest disinformation techniques used in the region, analyze the effects of these manipulations on the population, and share best practices to counter this phenomenon.

This seminar marks a significant step in the fight against disinformation in the Liptako-Gourma region, demonstrating the recognition of the importance of information in the context of regional security.

It expresses the willingness of AES member countries to stand united against information manipulation.

Niger’s President, General Abdourahamane Tiani, emphasized the crucial importance of promoting transparency, fact-checking, and media literacy to mitigate the harmful effects of disinformation and strengthen stability and security in the Sahel region.

He expressed his willingness to support the actions discussed during this seminar.




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