Benin: Key decisions of the meeting between President Patrice Talon and members of parliament

The President of Benin, Patrice Talon, held a meeting with members of the three parliamentary groups of the 9th legislature on Monday. According to the members of the parliamentary group «Les Démocrates», composed of opposition deputies, President Patrice Talon discussed the revision of the Electoral Code in accordance with the latest decision of the Constitutional Court.

It was agreed to revise the Electoral Code. This consultation follows the decision of the Constitutional Court ordering a revision of the Electoral Code for the general elections in 2026.

On this aspect, the party “Les Démocrates” was invited to express their views on the points they want to see amended in the context of the revision.

They indicated that they adhere only to the point raised by the Constitutional Court. «We do not have a specific position at the moment regarding the revision of the code. We simply adhere to the decision of the Constitutional Court, which asks us to correct certain things. We are in favor, willing to participate in the correction mentioned by the Constitutional Court. If there are still other elements to correct, we will take part to do what the nation has asked us», explained Honorable Habibou Woroucoubou at the end of the meeting.

The “Les Démocrates” Members of Parliament also took the opportunity to inform the President of the Republic about the actions of certain prefects and mayors attempting to prevent the organization of their political events.

The President assured that he would resolve this issue promptly.

In recent days, the question of a third term has stirred up the national political landscape regarding a possible revision of the Constitution.

However, during this meeting with parliamentarians on Monday, President Patrice Talon once again reaffirmed his commitment to respect the constitutional limit on the number of terms.

It is clear to the people of Benin that their President has no intention of seeking a third term at the helm of the country.



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