Senegal: Guinean artist Yama Sega declared persona non grata after mocking player Krépin Diatta?

Guinea’s defeat by Senegal in their last match sparked a controversial reaction from Guinean artist Yama Sega.

On her Facebook page, she posted an image of Senegalese player Krépin Diatta with the caption “Mémé Keren”, in English ” Wait for me low “.

This action provoked the anger of Senegalese internet users, in particular the actress Halima Cedji, who strongly condemned this inappropriate behaviour.

The online conflict between the two clans quickly escalated, generating acrimonious exchanges.

The Senegalese actress, who was very angry with the woman nicknamed Jaguar of Guinean music, expressed her views in no uncertain terms on her Facebook page.

«It’s you who looks like a tuna and you dare to insult our player Krepin Diatta no but the toupet in football business you want to insinuate someone’s child you’re going to read the time».

Some Senegalese internet users have even called for the cancellation of Yama Sega’s planned concert in Dakar on 16 February 2024.

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