Universal Health Insurance in Togo: Balancing hope and financial concerns

Since the beginning of 2024, Togo has embarked on an ambitious initiative by launching its own Universal Health Insurance (UHI) system.

While aiming to ensure equitable access to medical care, this advancement has sparked heated debates within Togolese society, primarily due to financial concerns surrounding this new policy.

Decree No. 2023-096/PR, enacted on October 4, 2023, has outlined the parameters of this new era by determining the rates, amounts, and collection methods for contributions related to UHI.

This decision has led to a significant increase in social security contributions to the National Social Security Fund (CNSS), rising from 21.5% to 31.5%.

An equitable increase, shared between employers and employees, each shouldering a 5% rise.

Beyond the noble goals of universal healthcare coverage, this governmental measure raises legitimate concerns regarding the increased financial pressure on Togolese workers and businesses.

This development warrants a thorough analysis to understand the real implications of this new policy and its impact on the daily lives of citizens and the country’s economic fabric.


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