Burkina-Faso: The Patriotic Support Fund, President Traoré’s urgent measure to support the national counter-terrorism strategy

«As of December 31, 2023, the transitional government has successfully mobilized a significant sum of 99,039,035,500 XOF through the Patriotic Support Fund. These crucial resources have been strategically allocated to cover the social expenses of the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP), ensuring their comprehensive provision with both individual and collective equipment, along with the essential acquisition of fuel», states the official communiqué released following the cabinet meeting on February 7.

This fund, initiated by President Ibrahim Traoré upon taking office to urgently address the prevailing security crisis in the country, is presently undergoing a renewal process as dictated by the government’s recent decree.

It is noteworthy that through this fund, the defense and security forces have significantly bolstered their capabilities, effectively pushing back and neutralizing terrorist threats within the country.

The fighting forces have consistently applied pressure on criminal elements, dismantling their bases and eliminating any associated threats.

In recent operations, the 7th and 8th rapid intervention battalions have successfully dismantled multiple enemy positions in the Hauts-Bassins and Center-North regions.

The outcome has been the obliteration of five terrorist bases, resulting in the elimination of hostile occupants and the successful recovery of critical war materials.

Notably, the regions of Tuy, Samba Toyendé, Basnéré, Nasséré, Baskondo, and Nawoubkiba in the East and Northeast zone of Kongoussi have been effectively cleared of criminal elements through the superior firepower of the battalions, further supported by strategic aerial assets.

The ongoing operations to reclaim and secure territory underscore the unwavering commitment of Burkina Faso towards complete liberation, heralding a future of enduring peace and security for the nation.




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