The government strengthens its support for universal health insurance by investing in generic medicines

The Togolese government allocated an additional budget of 1.5 billion XOF to the Purchasing Central of Essential and Generic Medicines of Togo (CAMEG Togo). This strategic move was disclosed in an announcement made on February 7, 2024. The initiative aims to strengthen the policy of acquiring generic drugs as part of the implementation of universal health coverage (UHC).

The primary objective of this measure is to broaden access to medications, emphasizing the economic advantages and greater accessibility of generic products.

By actively supporting this procurement policy, the Togolese government strives to significantly enhance healthcare accessibility for its entire population.

CAMEG, as a key player in this initiative, sees its role reinforced as a preferred intermediary for the supply of medicines, contributing significantly to the implementation of UHC and the overall improvement of the healthcare sector in Togo.

This decision aligns with the broader efforts of the government to ensure equitable and universal access to healthcare services.

Ongoing negotiations involve various stakeholders engaged in the implementation of UHC, ranging from the government to operational agencies, health insurance providers, and the medical community.

The common goal is to effectively coordinate these efforts to ensure the success of this initiative and provide universal and quality healthcare coverage for all Togolese citizens.




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