National Dialogue with President Ibrahim Traore: Shaping Burkina Faso’s Future Together

On Saturday, February 17, at 10 am, President of the Transition and Head of State, Captain Ibrahim Traore, has chosen a pivotal moment to engage in a sincere and profound dialogue with fellow compatriots.

The agenda includes crucial discussions on current issues and the future trajectory of the nation.

Representatives from all walks of life across Burkina Faso’s 13 regions are cordially invited to this national gathering.

It presents a unique opportunity for every citizen, united under the banner of integrity, to voice their opinions and actively contribute to the nation’s development.

Taking place at the Palais des Sports in Ouaga 2000, the event will provide Captain Ibrahim Traore with a platform to attentively listen to proposals, suggestions, and aspirations put forth by his compatriots.

In turn, he will share his enlightened vision, addressing key challenges in priority areas to shape the nation’s future.

A widespread mobilization of individuals from various demographics – young and old, women and men, spanning all sectors and professional categories – is not only encouraged but essential.

 Let us collectively enhance this dialogue, fostering a sense of unity and shared commitment toward building a prosperous future for Burkina Faso.


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