Burkina Faso: Together against manipulation, a call for public solidarity

In Burkina Faso, recent reports suggest that certain leaders may have received substantial sums with the alleged intention of manipulating other actors to undermine the efforts of the current authorities and jeopardize the ongoing pursuit of freedom. If these manipulation allegations are proven true, they pose a significant threat to Burkina Faso’s stability.

Confronted with this situation, immediate and resolute action is imperative.

Burkinabe authorities must conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation to find out the accuracy of these reports and hold accountable those found responsible for engaging in these illicit and peace-threatening activities.

Additionally, there is an urgent need to bolster monitoring and control mechanisms to prevent and effectively combat such manipulative practices.

 Civil society and the citizens of Burkina Faso are urged to remain vigilant and steadfast, staying committed to the collective endeavour for the complete independence of Burkina Faso.

The active involvement of all societal stakeholders is crucial in upholding the principles of peace and stability, fostering an environment in Burkina Faso where freedom and communal living can flourish.

Together, the people of Burkina Faso can surmount these challenges and strive towards a more resilient and equitable nation.

Citizens possessing pertinent information regarding manipulation practices are encouraged to share this information with the country’s intelligence services.

The collective effort of the people is indispensable in thwarting those attempting to destabilize Burkina Faso.


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