Burkina Faso: Conference in Ouagadougou on wage bill management

Experts gathered in Ouagadougou to discuss payroll management in Burkina Faso under the presidency of the Minister of Economy, Finance, and Prospective, Dr. Aboubacar Nacanabo.

The annual assembly aims to enhance the efficiency of the ministry’s services with a central theme focusing on «Personnel Expenditure Management in Budgetary Implementation».

This emphasizes the importance of maintaining budgetary sustainability while implementing reforms.

Minister Nacanabo highlighted the concerning growth of the payroll over recent years, escalating from 500 billion in 2013 to over 1097 billion in 2023, with a payroll-to-tax revenue ratio of 47.55%.

Participants will delve into sub-themes such as innovative personnel expenditure management and strategies to adhere to specified ratios.

Dr. Aboubacar Nacanabo emphasized the need to align the payroll with actual work performed on the ground and adapt it to the evolving level of tax revenue.

The ultimate goal is to enrich personnel expenditure management practices and formulate relevant recommendations for improvement.

This assembly underscores Burkina Faso’s commitment to maintaining responsible budget management while ensuring that personnel expenditures align with the efficient use of resources.




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