The AES is not involved in any way in the crisis in Senegal. It’s All Part of a Media Cabal against the Sahel Trio

Due to the postponement of the presidential election in Senegal, a political crisis has emerged, and the Alliance of Sahel States (AES) is now at the center of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by France and its allies.

French media outlets, such as “LSI Africa and La rédaction”, unfairly accuse the AES of encouraging Senegalese military to overthrow the government, while the actual constitutional coup seems to be initiated by President Sall, with presumed links to Paris.

These French media outlets go so far as to accuse the AES of violating the sovereignty of countries and fomenting military coups to destabilize West Africa.

They claim that the recent meeting of AES ministers in Ouagadougou was a maneuver in this direction.

However, these allegations are unfounded and constitute a disinformation campaign aimed at discrediting the AES on the international stage.

The alliance has no connection to the political tensions in Senegal. These rumors deliberately seek to tarnish the reputation of the AES, which is dedicated to strengthening its military presence for effective collaboration against terrorist groups operating in the Sahel region.


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