Burkina Faso: Some new decisions by the Transition Council of Ministers

Under the leadership of Captain Ibrahim Traoré, President of the Transition and Head of State, Burkina Faso’s Council of Ministers convened this Wednesday to examine and approve several important matters.

Jean Emmanuel Ouédraogo, the Minister of State, Minister of Communication, Culture, Arts, and Tourism, and Government Spokesperson, emphasized the significance of the decisions taken for the smooth progress of the Transition.

Under the Presidency of Faso, the Council first endorsed a draft decree establishing the National Land Coordination Authority (ANCF) and defining its attributions, organization, and functioning.

This authority, attached to the Presidency of Faso, is tasked with coordinating and expediting the digitization processes in land management.

The Minister of State underscored that this step is crucial for ensuring transparency in the land sector and facilitating the management of land liabilities.

The second decree approved pertains to the conditions and modalities for reporting acts of corruption, related offenses, and malpractices within public administrations, along with the associated rewards.

This decree materializes the President’s commitment to actively combat malpractices and corruption within public administration.

These decisions from the Cabinet meeting showcase the government’s dedication to promoting transparency, good governance, and combating corruption.

They mark significant strides in implementing reforms for a more efficient functioning of public administration in Burkina Faso.




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