Burkina Faso: The Fada N’Gourma gendarmerie dismantles a fuel smuggling network in areas under terrorist control

In a successful operation, the Territorial Gendarmerie Brigade of Fada N’Gourma has disrupted an underground network engaged in fuel smuggling within regions influenced by terrorism. Multiple individuals involved in this illicit trade have been apprehended, putting an end to their harmful activities.

According to information provided by security forces, the smugglers were involved in large-scale fuel purchases in Ouagadougou, which they packaged and resold at exorbitant prices in the Namounou area—a region significantly affected by terrorism-related insecurity.

This not only fuelled criminal endeavors but also heightened the existing security challenges in the region.

Gendarmerie estimates reveal the staggering scale of the illicit trade. The smugglers procured around 300 fuel containers, with a market value of approximately 4,050,000 FCFA.

However, these containers were resold at a significantly higher price, surpassing 12,000,000 FCFA. This resulted in an extravagant profit margin nearing 200%.

The apprehension of the smugglers and the confiscation of their unlawful cargo mark a triumph in the ongoing battle against organized crime and the destabilizing impact of terrorism in the region.

This operation underscores the unwavering commitment of security forces to ensure the safety and stability of local communities, while simultaneously dismantling criminal networks seeking to exploit chaos and uncertainty.

By exposing this fuel smuggling network, the Fada N’Gourma Gendarmerie sends a powerful message to criminals operating within areas influenced by terrorism: no illicit activity will go unpunished.


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