Senegal: Macky Sall proposes an amnesty law in the midst of an electoral crisis

Senegal’s President Macky Sall is grappling with a deep political crisis due to the postponement of the presidential election. In this tense context, he plans to introduce a bill of amnesty in a cabinet meeting to cover acts that occurred during the unrest since 2021.

Macky Sall’s decision comes as he seeks to ease tensions and reach an agreement on a new date for the presidential election.

The ongoing discussions for the past two days are crucial to pulling the country out of one of the worst crises it has experienced in decades.

However, the chances of reaching a consensus are uncertain. Seventeen out of the nineteen candidates approved in January by the Constitutional Council have chosen to boycott the consultations.

Moreover, a political and citizen front is demanding that the presidential election be held without further conditions before April 2, the official end date of Macky Sall’s second term.

Facing these pressures and a general strike called by the Aar Sunu Election collective, which opposes the election delay, President Sall hopes that his amnesty proposal will help calm tensions and pave the way for constructive dialogue.

The situation remains tense, with the outcome of the consultations still uncertain.



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