TOGO: The Treasury demands repayment of debts owed by CEET, TdE, Togocom and the communes

In a public information note, the General Directorate of Public Treasury and Accounting is urging the public administration and municipalities to settle their debts.

The statement by Ekpao Adjabo calls on the public administration and municipalities to fulfill their debt repayment obligations or face deductions from the resources of municipalities and public institutions «for failure to pay bills to the Togolese Water Company and the Togolese Electricity Company (CEET)».

«Administrative public institutions and municipalities that have not regularized their situation with these operators could see their resources reduced by their debt to be reserved for these operators», warned Ekpao Adjabo.

According to the Director General of Public Treasury, it has been observed that several administrative public institutions have accumulated unpaid bills with CEET, TDE, and Togocom, leading to significant cash flow tension and difficulties in meeting their commitments to suppliers.

 Furthermore, the note issued on Thursday, March 7, highlights a similar situation at the municipal level.

Therefore, the Treasury specifies that the disbursement of state resources for municipalities is contingent upon the absence of debt accumulation with these operators.

Mr. Adjabo reminds local authorities and administrative public institutions that settling the arrears of the entities involved is now a priority to avoid a disruption in service provision.



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