Burkina Faso/Transition: Individuals persist in their misguidance against President Ibrahim TRAORE

Some individuals, or rather, accomplices of imperialists, consistently downplay, feign ignorance, or quickly forget the efforts of the transitional authorities. According to these seemingly unhelpful individuals, President Ibrahim TRAORE has done nothing since taking the helm of the country nearly a year and a half ago.

The remarkable efforts and achievements of President TRAORE and his government in the realms of security, social, and economic sectors are dismissed or brushed aside by these individuals who seem to prefer subjugation to foreign dominance.

It’s worth recalling that much has changed in the land of honest men since President TRAORE assumed power.

His unparalleled patriotism, vision, and determination have been sufficient to liberate Burkina Faso from the clutches of plunderers.

He successfully imposed taxes on foreign companies, notably those of French origin, by canceling non-double taxation agreements.

His loyalty, integrity, and transparency in public administration have earned him the support and, more importantly, the trust of his sane compatriots.

Hence, the enthusiasm surrounding the patriotic support fund. This fund continues to finance the war against terrorism, bolstering the firepower of the fighting forces.

This potency, combined with the fighters’ motivation, has been yielding unprecedented victories against criminals for months.

Not to mention the reclaiming of 95% of the national territory, allowing numerous displaced individuals to return to their localities.

President Ibrahim TRAORE’s love for the homeland and his dedication to the country’s development and the well-being of the Burkinabe population have facilitated a massive mobilization around popular shareholding.

This, in turn, has become the foundation for the creation of transformation factories.

Local transformation factories include a tomato processing plant in Bobo Dioulasso, a gold refinery under construction in Ouagadougou, a mining waste treatment plant, to name just a few.

There is no shortage of business creation projects, and President Ibrahim has promised to set them all in motion in 2024, along with initiatives for food self-sufficiency. A process already underway on Burkinabe soil.

This influential figure in Burkina Faso has restored the nation’s dignity, earning global respect.

According to analysts, he epitomizes progress and hope for the current and future generations of Burkina Faso and Africa as a whole.




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