Burkina-Faso: President Traoré builds a fire station in Ziniaré

Ziniaré is now home to a new fire station, a testament to President Ibrahim Traoré’s commitment to bringing state emergency services closer to communities. Situated approximately thirty kilometers from Ouagadougou, this fire station represents Burkina Faso’s 13th company within the National Fire Brigade.

The construction of the fire station, located in the Zagbèga neighborhood on a 14,621 m² plot, was completed in September 2023 under the leadership of Lieutenant Pascal Benoît Oulé.

However, it was officially inaugurated on March 14th, marking a significant milestone in enhancing emergency response capabilities in the region.

Funded entirely by the state budget, the fire station is equipped with three vehicles and essential firefighting and rescue equipment.

 These resources were showcased to the public during the inauguration ceremony. The station’s primary mission is to provide rapid assistance and enhance operational efficiency in three provinces:

 Ganzourgou, Kourweogo, and Oubritenga, collectively home to an estimated 978,614 residents based on the 2019 census data.

During the official ceremony, Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization, and Security, Emile Zerbo, expressed his satisfaction with the new fire station’s capabilities.

He highlighted the station’s strategic location in Ziniaré, a city known for its connectivity, enabling swift responses to emergency calls across the region.

The firefighters stationed at Ziniaré are dedicated to responding to various emergencies, including road accidents, gas leaks, medical crises, drownings, natural disasters, and assaults.

Additionally, they provide crucial transport services for injured individuals requiring immediate medical attention.


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