Togo: The Port of Lomé, the main commercial hub for AES

The relationship between Burkina Faso and Togo is set to deepen as Burkina Faso seeks to enhance its commercial ties with Togo following Niger’s lead. A delegation from Burkina Faso, led by the Minister of Transport, recently visited the Togolese capital and engaged in discussions with Togolese ministers of trade and maritime economy.

The primary goal of this working visit is to improve transport efficiency along the Lomé-Ouagadougou corridor, thereby boosting economic exchanges between the two countries.

During the discussions, both parties identified challenges within the corridor and proposed solutions to enhance trade between their respective states.

The Togolese side, in line with the government’s vision to establish Lomé as a logistics and service hub to serve the hinterland, announced significant measures to facilitate the transit of goods from Burkina Faso through the corridor.

It is worth noting that commercial exchanges between Togo and Burkina Faso have seen an increase, with Burkina Faso ranking as the second-largest customer of Togo.

Exportations from Lomé to Ouagadougou, accounting for 8.4% of total exports, are estimated at 21.6 billion FCFA.

These exchanges are expected to further grow in the coming days following the measures announced by Togolese authorities.

The port of Lomé continues to solidify its reputation as a maritime hub for Sahelian states and remains a pivotal player in the global economy.


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