Mali: The resignation of Colonel-major Nouhoum Dabitao, an act of sacrifice and dedication to justice and the common good

Colonel-Major Nouhoum Dabitao’s resignation from the National Transitional Council (CNT) exemplifies a remarkable dedication to justice and the common good. His action embodies a rare blend of moral purity and a sense of duty, illuminating a path of nobility amidst the often tumultuous political landscape of the country.

At the core of his decision lies his unwavering faith in his country’s justice system. Faced with allegations of corruption related to a military equipment procurement contract, Dabitao chose to voluntarily submit himself to the authorities even before his immunity was lifted.

This preemptive act underscores his profound commitment to truth and justice, values that transcend personal or political considerations.

It is essential to note that the accusations against Dabitao pertain to a contract between the Ministry of Defense and a company for the purchase of military equipment, including clothing, bedding, and transportation gear.

Although the contract has stirred controversy, it is asserted that Dabitao was not involved in setting prices or any practices of overpricing.

His role as the former Director of the Army Commissariat was primarily limited to operational responsibilities.

Despite this, Dabitao opted to resign from his position in the CNT to confront the accusations and defend himself before the judiciary.

This decision epitomizes true patriotism and personal sacrifice for the common good.

By asserting his innocence and trust in his country’s justice system, Dabitao sends a powerful message about the importance of concrete actions and personal sacrifices in the pursuit of justice and integrity.

His example illustrates the need to prioritize moral values and duty to the nation above personal or political considerations, thereby bolstering public trust in institutions and leaders.


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