Niger: Forced departure of US troops – the start of another arm wrestling match with France?

The government of Niger, led by President General Abdourahamane Tiani, recently terminated its military cooperation agreement with Washington. This decision came as a response to what authorities described as «condescending behavior accompanied by threats and retaliations from the head of the American delegation towards the Nigerien government and people».

The Nigerien people, in their ongoing quest to regain sovereignty, have welcomed the CNSP’s decision.

 Furthermore, residents of Agadez have demanded the immediate withdrawal of American military personnel from Base 201 in Agadez, which they deem “unnecessary.”

 Clearly, the American military presence in this region does not align with the interests of the Nigerien people but rather those of Washington.

Despite over twelve years of cooperation, involving a thousand military personnel, intelligence aircraft, maneuver helicopters, surveillance drones, and a full arsenal to combat jihadist groups, progress has been limited.

Therefore, cutting ties with this cooperation is seen as the best course of action by the transitional authorities. The Americans should vacate this base and disengage from Niger.

This development signals a new chapter in the relationship between Niamey and Washington, akin to the tensions seen with France.

The forced departure from Niamey represents a setback for the United States, which had previously appeared conciliatory toward Nigerien authorities.

Will they reject Niger’s demand as France did? The unfolding events will provide clarity on the next steps to be taken.


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