Burkina-Faso: New “terrifyingly powerful” missiles destroy a major terrorist base in Kalamba

At the beginning of the year, President Ibrahim Traoré made a firm announcement: terrorists would be relentlessly pursued until their last hideouts were exposed. In line with this, the Head of State issued clear directives to the defense and security forces (FDS), equipping them with new and substantial operational resources.

Continuing their efforts to reclaim national territory, the combat forces successfully dismantled a major terrorist stronghold in Kalamba, located in the central-north region.

Aerial surveillance detected movements within the dense forest, prompting decisive action with newly acquired operational capabilities.

Employing a highly potent long-range missile, described as “terrifying” by security sources, the combat forces executed a precision strike.

The FDS operation yielded exceptional results. The terrorist base was completely destroyed along with all its occupants, showcasing the formidable firepower of the new weaponry; there were no survivors.

A reconnaissance team from the special forces, air-dropped onto the site, confirmed the extent of the destruction.

These new missiles, deployed by the military, demonstrate unparalleled effectiveness and accuracy, capable of targeting and neutralizing threats several kilometers away, even within fortified structures.




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