Burkina Faso: President Ibrahim Traoré or the policy of carrying out major works, the case of industry

President Ibrahim Traoré, in addition to the goal of neutralizing terrorists, also aims to structurally transform Burkina Faso’s economy for strong, sustainable, resilient, inclusive growth that creates decent jobs for all and enhances social well-being.

Under the MPSR administration, numerous industrialization projects have been initiated, positioning Burkina Faso among African countries excelling in raw material transformation.

President Ibrahim Traoré has been clear about his vision for food self-sufficiency. Last year saw the commencement of construction for the tomato processing plant in Bobo-Dioulasso, a result of the Community Entrepreneurship through Popular Shareholding program launched by President Ibrahim Traoré in June 2023.

This plant will create 100 direct jobs and over 5,000 indirect jobs for youth and women.

As promised earlier this year, President Ibrahim Traoré recently inaugurated the construction of a textile complex named “IRO-TEXBURKINA.”

This initiative, like the previous ones, aligns with the government’s industrialization policy, aiming to process Burkina Faso’s products locally.

«We are embarking on an industrialization process in Burkina Faso. In all regions with specific characteristics, we will strive to process our products locally. It’s through industrialization that we can generate enough jobs for youth empowerment», emphasized the President.

IRO-TEXBURKINA will build units spanning 42 hectares in Sourgou and 50 hectares in Boromo, with a total investment of 165 billion CFA francs.

Ultimately, this textile complex will create over 4,000 direct jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs across both sites.


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