Niger/Diplomacy: Niger and Iran forge closer ties

The appointment of the new Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Republic of Niger marks a significant step towards strengthening bilateral friendship and cooperation. This aligns with the shared vision of the highest authorities in both countries, a vision that diplomats are eager to translate into tangible outcomes.

His Excellency Ali Tiztak, the new extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador to Niger, has formally presented his credentials to Mr. Bakary Yaou Sangar√©, Niger’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Tiztak’s mission is to further enhance the already robust Niger-Iran bilateral relations.

Niger and Iran share deep-rooted historical ties of friendship and cooperation, nurtured by their shared faith and strong Islamic solidarity.

These relations, dating back to 1983, have evolved into a shining example of South-South cooperation over the years.

The recent transition to a military regime in Niger has only strengthened these historical ties, characterized by friendship, mutual respect, common values, solidarity, and fraternity.

These core values of cooperation are commitments that leaders of both nations are dedicated to upholding for the mutual benefit of their countries and people.

In January 2024, Iran and Niger reaffirmed their commitment to deepening ties by signing two significant and historic cooperation agreements in Tehran.

These agreements focus primarily on enhancing economic, political, and healthcare cooperation between the two nations.




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