Egypt: President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi inaugurated for his 3rd term in office

On April 2, 2024, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi of Egypt took the oath for his third six-year term before the Parliament. Having initially assumed office in 2014 and securing re-election in 2018, Al-Sissi embarks on this new term after winning the December presidential election with a resounding 89.6% of the votes.

Addressing the Parliament at the new administrative capital near Cairo, President Al-Sissi pledged to complete the nation’s modernization journey, fulfilling the populace’s dreams for a progressive, democratic, and advanced society.

 He acknowledged the pressing challenges Egypt faces, particularly those concerning terrorism and security stability.

«In the face of sudden global crises and intense regional conflicts, our nation encounters unprecedented challenges, marking a historic chapter in Egypt’s modern era», remarked Al-Sissi.

Outlining his agenda for the forthcoming term, President Al-Sissi emphasized the paramount importance of safeguarding national security amid regional turbulence, nurturing balanced international relations, and fostering inclusive national dialogues.

Economically, the government will implement strategies to optimize economic potentials, fortify resilience against crises, and elevate the role of the private sector as a vital partner in driving development initiatives.

Furthermore, a comprehensive institutional overhaul is on the horizon, aiming to ensure fiscal prudence, enhance governance practices, and propel Egypt into a regional powerhouse across various sectors, including transportation, transit trade, renewable energies, green hydrogen, and associated industries.

Olam B.

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