Mali: Government injunctions to members of former movements that signed the Agreement to return State vehicles

The Malian government has launched an inter-Malian dialogue for peace and reconciliation, although it excludes participation from the warring factions that seem reluctant to move forward from Mali’s troubled past.

 According to an official statement released today by the Minister of Reconciliation, Peace, and National Cohesion, the transitional government has given a two-week ultimatum to members of the rebellion to return around thirty vehicles that were provided to them.

The government’s communication emphasizes the urgent need for former signatories of the Accord, especially those aligned with the CSP-PSD, to promptly return state-owned vehicles in their possession by April 15, 2024.

These vehicles, originally allocated to fighters of movements affiliated with the Accord from the Algiers process, were deemed essential assets for the country’s reconciliation and national reconstruction efforts.

However, their return has become imperative following the closure of the Accord on January 25, as announced by the transitional authorities.

The document further outlines that strict measures will be implemented to ensure compliance with this directive.

Any delay or refusal to return the vehicles will be met with severe consequences in accordance with the law.

The Minister also expressed gratitude towards those who have already voluntarily returned the vehicles, acknowledging their contribution to fostering peace and stability in the country.

It is noteworthy that in January 2024, Mali’s transitional president and head of state, Assimi Goïta, established an inter-Malian dialogue platform to facilitate peace discussions.

This move came after the official termination of the Peace and Reconciliation Accord in Mali from the Algiers process, which was initially concluded in 2015 with northern independentist armed groups under the mediation of Algeria.


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