Samir Nasri ends retirement to join Kings World Cup, responds to critics

Samir Nasri’s return from retirement to participate in the Kings World Cup, organized by Gerard Piqué, marks a significant comeback for the former Manchester City player. Nasri officially confirmed his decision on his social media, using the opportunity not only to announce his return but also to address his critics.

Since hanging up his boots in September 2021, Nasri transitioned into a television role as a consultant for Canal +.

However, his love for football has remained strong, prompting his decision to join the Kings World Cup.

He will represent the French team “Foot2Rue,” making him the first player from that squad to enter the tournament.

The Kings World Cup, set to take place in Mexico, will feature 32 teams from various parts of the world competing for a substantial prize of one million dollars.

Nasri, through his social media platforms, expressed his determination to undergo rigorous training to ensure peak performance during the competition.

In a message to his followers, Nasri stated, «Let’s go, my brother! After the Marseille return match, let’s head to Merano to prepare properly. To all the haters, even with a few extra pounds, I’m better than you. Peace to everyone, and let’s aim to put ‘Foot2Rue’ on top of the world».

His declaration reflects his commitment to excel and elevate his team’s performance in the Kings World Cup.

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