Burkina Faso: When certain army officers find it hard to let go of bad behaviour

Achieving development often requires making sacrifices. On one side, leaders must muster the courage to abandon unscrupulous practices that hinder the nation’s progress. On the other side, citizens must adhere to regulations to enable the government to implement its development agenda smoothly.

In Burkina Faso, there is growing concern over the behavior of certain high-ranking military personnel.

Since President Ibrahim Traoré assumed office, the government has launched awareness campaigns to address corruption, financial malpractice, and mismanagement across both military and civilian spheres.

Despite repeated warnings, particularly directed at high-ranking military officials, there remains a persistent challenge in getting the message to stick.

Some individuals, accustomed to and specializing in illicit activities like embezzlement and trafficking, now face expulsion from the military.

Recent cases include the dismissal of soldiers Ousseni Tassembédo and Mevis Armel Bamogo (2nd class) and Roger Ouédraogo (1st class) for grave offenses such as arms trafficking, fraud, theft, and possession of stolen goods belonging to others and the military.

These actions are so egregious that one questions how individuals can engage in such activities despite the safeguards implemented by the state.

It’s worth noting that on January 31st, Chief Warrant Officer Dalibou Savadogo faced a similar fate for allegedly embezzling 2,940,000 CFA francs earmarked for operational bonuses for patriotic defense volunteers.

Today, credit must be given to President Ibrahim Traoré for taking decisive action against misconduct within the administration, behaviors that have contributed to the country’s current challenges.


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