In Burkina Faso, President Ibrahim Traoré suspends imports of wheat flour to clear the market of mass consumption products

The Burkinabe government, led by President Ibrahim Traoré, has recently implemented a significant measure by suspending wheat flour imports across the country as of Tuesday, April 10. This strategic move is part of a broader effort to enhance the market dynamics for essential consumer goods.

In an official communication from the Ministry of Industrial Development, Trade, Handicrafts, and Small and Medium Enterprises, it was announced that «in line with efforts to optimize the market for essential consumer goods, the importation of wheat flour is temporarily halted nationwide until further notice».

Given the requirement of a special import authorization (ASI) for wheat flour imports, the issuance of ASIs for this product category has also been put on hold.

It’s crucial to emphasize that any breach of this decision will result in penalties as per existing regulations.

The ministry has established toll-free hotlines (80 00 11 84/85/66) to facilitate the reporting of non-compliance incidents.

President Ibrahim Traoré has underscored the significance of this governmental strategy, highlighting its role in fortifying food security and fostering self-reliance in wheat production within the nation’s borders.

Cedric Kabore

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