Togo: President Faure Gnassingbé committed to the successful organisation of legislative and regional elections in accordance with the laws of the Republic

The Togolese government, through the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization, and Development of Territories, has announced a funding of 650 million CFA francs for candidates in the upcoming legislative and regional elections.

This amount, to be distributed among candidates participating in both elections, is designated for financing their respective election campaigns.

This public campaign funding, set by presidential decree during a council of ministers meeting, is in accordance with the 2013 law concerning public financial support for political parties during electoral competitions.

In the implementation process, half of the allocated funds will be designated for the legislative elections, with the other half allocated for the regional elections.

According to the statement released by the Minister of Territorial Administration, 65% of the state’s contribution will be evenly distributed among all validated candidate lists for each of the two elections, while 35% will be distributed proportionally based on the votes received, among lists that have garnered at least 10% of the total votes cast.

The Ministers of Territorial Administration and Economy have assured that measures will be taken to ensure that candidates receive these funds promptly, allowing them to continue their campaigns that began on April 13th.

The elections are scheduled to take place on April 29th.




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