Africa/AES: Mali and Niger unite against load shedding for a shared energy and economic future

The Alliance of Sahel States is witnessing a significant boost in collaboration, especially in tackling critical issues like power shortages. President Assimi Goïta of Mali’s proactive approach, seeking solutions with General Abdourahame Tiani, has garnered positive responses from Niger’s leadership, showcasing a robust spirit of solidarity.

The recent bilateral agreement between Mali and Niger marks a milestone, focusing on the sale of gasoil to fuel electric plants.

This strategic move aligns perfectly with the Alliance’s overarching mission of fostering socio-economic development throughout the region, highlighting a collective commitment to progress among Sahel member states.

The energy pact holds immense promise for Mali, addressing its persistent electricity supply challenges, which have been a common concern across the Sahel.

This collaboration not only benefits Mali’s development trajectory but also underscores the critical role of south-south cooperation in driving sustainable progress.

By facilitating seamless energy exchanges between Mali and Niger, this agreement lays a solid foundation for enhanced economic growth and prosperity across the region.

The collaborative effort reflects a proactive approach to addressing shared challenges, fostering stability, and paving the way for a brighter future in the Sahel.

Titi Keita

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