Togo: When the Adétikopé Industrial Platform attracts new investors

The Adétikopé Industrial Platform in Togo continues to attract new investors, with nearly a dozen companies recently joining this integrated industrial zone. According to information provided by the communication department of this institution, owned 65% by Arise IIP and 35% by the State, as reported by Togo First, this influx reflects the growing interest in this expanding economic zone.

Among the newcomers, Brilante Industrie Togo will focus on shoe manufacturing, while General & DOP Park Industries will concentrate on plastic bag production.

New Huasha Company Limited will introduce plastic tableware manufacturing, including cups and plates.

 One Dollar International Limited (ODIL) will specialize in beverage production.

Other companies will also contribute to diversifying activities in the industrial zone: Smarcoft Recycle Tech will focus on cotton recycling, ST2A will enter the agri-food sector, while Viavce Group will engage in aluminum and plastic pipe manufacturing.

This diversity of investors and sectors reflects the significant appeal of the Adétikopé Industrial Platform as a major economic hub in the region.

With these new entrants, the industrial zone promises to play a crucial role in Togo’s economic development, providing employment opportunities and stimulating growth across various industries.


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