Burkina Faso: Captain Ibrahim Traoré Intensifies efforts to Fight corruption in The Mining sector for transparent Governance

Captain Ibrahim Traoré and his administration have taken decisive measures to strengthen control over mining operations in Burkina Faso, demonstrating unwavering determination to promote good governance and combat corruption.

The Minister of Energy, Mines, and Quarries, Yacouba Zabré Gouba, recently announced the signing of agreements with several mining companies, marking a significant step in the fight against corrupt practices that have at times tarnished the sector.

These agreements now allow for active participation of public officials in various aspects of mining production, including supervision of casting, weighing, packaging, and control of the quality and quantity of extracted precious metals.

In addition to ensuring transparent governance, these agreements also offer the opportunity to verify mining production, thereby strengthening trust between mining companies and the local population.

Prior to these measures, monitoring of mining activities was limited to basic procedures, sometimes leading to gaps in surveillance and control.

Now, with a proactive and transparent approach, Burkina Faso is committed to ensuring that the benefits of its mining industry truly benefit the entire society, in line with principles of transparency and fairness.


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