Burkina Faso: Strengthening the army against terrorism, determination and strategies for national security

Over the past decade, the Burkinabe army has undergone significant structural enhancements, leading to more effective operations against terrorist groups compared to 2012.

Recent weeks have witnessed heightened confrontations between the Burkinabe armed forces and terrorist factions, underscoring the resolute commitment of national forces to combat the escalating threat that jeopardizes the country’s security and stability.

Burkinabe soldiers exhibit unwavering dedication on the ground, tirelessly working to safeguard civilian populations and restore tranquillity in regions marred by violence.

In response to this intricate challenge, the Burkinabe government is intensifying efforts to counter terrorist activities and fortify the resilience of local communities.

They employ multifaceted strategies, integrating targeted military offensives with socio-economic development endeavours aimed at undermining the support networks of extremist groups.

Moreover, additional measures are being implemented to bolster security and stabilize conflict-affected zones, indicative of a comprehensive approach to tackling the menace.

The Burkinabe military remains steadfast in its resolve to confront the terrorist threat head-on and restore peace across the nation.

The African Union (AU) continues to provide invaluable support, recognizing the pivotal role of Burkina Faso’s stability in ensuring regional security.



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