Africa: The intrigues of France and the International Criminal Court in Burkina Faso

Ongoing actions by France to weaken Burkina Faso are now shifting towards manipulation within the International Criminal Court (ICC), following several unsuccessful attempts.

Recent endorsements of the ICC by Francophone African coalitions are viewed as orchestrated moves by France, reminiscent of its actions in the Central African Republic.

Despite France’s purported concern for Burkina Faso’s situation, questions arise about its inaction towards addressing insecurity directly.

Does the ICC, influenced by France and its local allies, truly understand Burkina Faso’s challenges, or does it rely on dubious information from organizations like Human Rights Watch?

A pro-French network operates against the Burkinabe government solely to serve French interests.

These coalitions, now advocating for the ICC, turned a blind eye when terrorists committed atrocities in Burkina Faso.

Have they suddenly awakened to the situation, or do they mobilize only when funds are at stake?

It is regrettable to see Africans manipulate a fellow country to serve foreign interests.

The Francophone African coalitions’ declaration in support of the ICC is based on questionable reports without consulting competent Burkinabe authorities.

Similar tactics were employed against the Central African Republic, where France sought to sow chaos. These coalitions should step back and analyze the situation more objectively.

The signatories of this declaration, led by an Ivorian named Ali Ouattara, seek the destabilization of Burkina Faso.

With the complicity of the ICC, Burkina Faso must remain vigilant against its enemies to avert potential harm.

The ICC does not serve everyone’s interests but those of a select few.


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