Sudan to bring charges against the United Arab Emirates before the ICC and ICJ for financing and arming militias in Darfur

Sudan has announced its intention to file a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against the United Arab Emirates (UAE), accusing them of financing and arming militias led by Mohamed Haman Dagolo, also known as Hemetti. This declaration was made by Al-Harith Idriss, Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

According to the Sudanese diplomat, coordination is underway to initiate the legal proceedings.

He explained that these militias, supported by the UAE and other states, have managed to acquire heavy weapons, including drones and artillery, which were introduced across international borders.

This action is in violation of UN Resolution 1591, which prohibits the introduction of weapons into the unstable Darfur region and their use in attacks against cities.

Resolution 1591, referred to by the Sudanese representative, clearly states that «all states shall take necessary measures to prevent the supply of all types of arms and related materiel, as well as training or technical assistance, to actors operating in Darfur».

Sudan’s accusations raise serious concerns about the violation of the UN resolution by the UAE and other states that may have supported these militias.

Heavy weapons, including drones and artillery, have been used in targeted attacks against cities in the region, exacerbating the already unstable situation in Darfur.

Sudan’s legal action before the ICC and the ICJ will shed light on allegations of financing and arming militias.

The impending legal proceedings promise to be complex and could have major diplomatic implications in the region.”

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