Togo: Reinforced measures to promote local processing of scrap metal

Togo is taking new initiatives in the scrap metal export sector, following the previous ban imposed by the government in 2021. These recent measures, developed after consultations with stakeholders, aim to encourage the local processing of raw materials.

The sector will now be better organized with the establishment of a monitoring committee and the issuance of licenses.

Moreover, only ferrous and non-ferrous metals processed by local industries will be allowed for export.

Delivery prices for non-ferrous metals to local industrial units have already been set, with a rate of 910 XOF per kilogram for aluminum and 640 XOF per kilogram for batteries.

It is worth noting that in recent years, the collection and export of ferrous products and their by-products (copper, steel, aluminum, etc.) have experienced significant growth in Togo.

Authorities aim to position the country as a leading producer of high-quality recycled ferrous products in the sub-region.



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