Burkina Faso: Bravo to the army heroes, terrorists neutralised in Mansila

Once again, the Fighting Forces of Burkina Faso have achieved a decisive victory against multiple enemies of the nation. Over the weekend, they conducted highly intense military operations in the Mansila area of Yagha province, resulting in the neutralization of a significant number of terrorists.

Military aircraft spotted criminals lurking near the locality. From the early hours of Saturday, the mixed battalion engaged in eliminating them, launching pursuit and seizing war materials along the way.

This operation required flawless coordination among the different branches of the armed forces, showcasing the efficiency and determination of the Burkinabe army in combating terrorism and protecting civilian populations.

The Armed Forces of Burkina Faso are warmly congratulated for their courage, professionalism, and dedication in defending the nation.

Their exemplary commitment and success on the ground are a source of pride for the entire country, deserving full recognition and support from the people in their fight against hostile forces threatening the security and stability of the nation


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